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Inter-Health Domain (IHD), is an online healthcare platform which has been designed to ensure the safe delivery of medical and health-related services globally. It offers both highly-secure communication facilitation and information storage.

The platform was designed and engineered with security and privacy as the default setting. IHD captures and processes acutely sensitive data about clients and their health needs, keeping it well protected with enterprise-grade technologies which have been combined into one solution. In doing so, we address the challenges that every global healthcare provider will undoubtedly come to face.

The IHD platform guarantees an unprecedented level of privacy. We do not collect any technical information about our clients and do not allow third-party access or data collection.

IHD has essential safeguards in place to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal health information (PHI). Our safeguards are physical, technical, and administrative. Technologies such as encryption, blockchain, anonymization, authentication and cyber threats protection, are covered under its technical safeguards.

Physical safeguarding of PHI data includes keeping physical records and electronic devices containing PHI, under lock and key. Administrative safeguarding of PHI data includes access controls to limit who can view PHI information. These policies are compliant with international data legislations and standards.

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